Pinnacle of Praise Choir

The Pinnacle of Praise Choir is the anchor of the Worship Ministry, providing leadership on Sunday mornings and for special events throughout the year. It is our goal to be encouragers of a lifestyle of worship and an example of God’s power and His love for all.  This Adult Worship Ministry is open to anyone beyond high school age.  The choir meets in the music suite each Wednesday from 6:00pm to 7:30pm (Except for July). 

Open house for this ministry takes place during the months of August and January. During this time guests are encouraged to attend rehearsals and get a feel if this ministry would be a place where they could use their gifts and talents to glorify and honor God. Leadership and choir members will be ready and willing to answer any questions that would help you in your transition into serving in this dynamic music ministry.

For more information, please call the music office at (479) 418-7726.