Adult Choir

A dynamic choir of singers is an unmistakable, unique, and powerful tool when utilized
in worship through music. Our choir at FBC sings songs to and about God for two
foundational reasons.

1. Because we love Him.

2. Because He is worthy.

There are many other reasons we sing to him. Valid and important reasons. But they
are founded on the 2 bookends listed above.

When asked which of the commandments was the greatest, Jesus replied, "You
shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength." We gather
together as a choir regularly to express that love for God in meaningful and genuine
worship. We aim to sing songs of praise with “all our hearts, soul, mind, and strength.”

(Rehearsals are Wednesdays at 6pm)

For information on being a part of this choir contact us at: