Children's Choir

At FBC Bentonville our Kid’s music program is divided into 3 separate choirs: FBC Praisers, Ultimate Kid’s Praise and Maximum Kid’s Praise. Our goal is to instill the love for praising the Lord and glorifying His name. Kid’s music is packed with music, worship, drama instruction and Godly principles. Children's Choirs lay the foundation for learning how to praise the Lord through music. Therefore, the Children's Choir ministry seeks to teach the elementary principles of music and the role music has in worship.

The Choirs

FBC Praisers - is our 3 year old through kindergarten choir. This special choir filled with "little voices with big hearts" sings during our annual church-wide "Hanging of the Green" Christmas Worship Celebration as well as their own special Christmas performance for their families. In the spring, the FBC Praisers perform their own mini-musical with a pertinent Godly message for the church during the Sunday Night Worship Service.

Ultimate Kids Praise (UKP) -  is our 1st through 4th grade children's choir. This elementary grade choir provides these young voices opportunities to "Praise the Lord" in song and speech through our "Hanging of the Green" Christmas Celebration, Family Christmas performance as well as our annual Children's Choirs Spring musical.

Maximum Praise (MP)- is designed especially for our fifth and sixth grade preteens. In MP, the students experience many levels of leading worship through singing, instruments, and drama. Opportunities to lead in worship are provided through singing during Sunday Morning Worship services, "Hanging of the Green" Christmas service, Family Christmas performance, and the Spring Children's Choirs Musical where they play a lead role through solos and dramatic parts.


These choirs meet during the school year on Sunday afternoons beginning after Labor Day.

The Ultimate Kids Praise and Maximum Praise Choirs meet on Sunday afternoons from 4:30 - 5:45 pm. The FBC Praisers choir meets on Sundays from 5:00 pm - 5:30 pm.

FBC Praisers Sunday’s at 5:00pm

Spring Musical

In the spring both Ultimate Kids Praise and Maximum Praise choirs join together for a big spring musical where the kids have special parts that include speaking parts, solos and dancing parts. These musicals have a message from the gospel that always teaches Godly principles through music and message.