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Club 56

Club 56 is a club within the FBC Children’s Ministry that focuses on 5th and 6th graders and their walk with Jesus Christ. Friends are always welcome to attend events. Our activities range from simple hangout time to bonfires and pizza parties, and during the summer we have a Bible study with the intern. Past events have been Bonfire and Movie Night, Fast Lane Party, Winter Swimming Party and GlowGolf. Join us for our next Club 56 event!

(for scheduled events please check the FBC church calendar)

CLUB 56 - Events for 2017/2018

Put these dates on your calendars and invite your friends to come too!

Fri., Oct. 20th - Corn Dogs & Corn Hole 

Fri., Dec. 22nd - Ice Skating & Pizza

Mon., Feb. 19th - Winter Swimming Party 

March date TBD - No Girls/ Boys Allowed Party - Girl/Boy separate locations TBD

April date TBD - Great Day Family Skate Day 

(for more information about Club 56 contact Candy at