DNow is a weekend slumber party on steroids! You, along with 10 of your friends and a college student, will invade a nearby home where you will have fun together, bond through your group sessions, and also take part in some citywide random actos of kindness. You will gather together in our rallies with over 400 students to experience a time of laughter, worship, and spiritual truth. You don't want to miss out on the event that put Bentonville on the map. DNow: it's what we do.


Guess what's coming back to our DNow nightlife? "The Gong Show?" -NO! "Old School - GRITS?" -Nah! "Are we doing the Race?" -YEEESSSS! You all wanted it. You campaigned for it. You salivated over it. And so yes back by popular demand is the DNow Amazing Race... D-Race for short.

So Friday night while the football team is away,
the rest of you dnow'ers will be at play.
Bigger, Better, Badder, and Radder than before - 
we will see which team's ALL IN and has the strength of Thor.

("Great poem, Hutch." - hey, thanks guys... I apologize for being awesome.)


​Early Registration: $55 until September 10

Registration:  $65 until September 17

Late Registration:  $75 until September 23


This may be a dream team line up. On opening night you will experience one of the nation's most popular Christian comedians, John Crist. This cat travels all over the nation, tours with Seth Meyers & Tim Hawkins, and is coming to the big screen in his first movie in 2015. You should know by now that this is what we do at Studio 412 do.

We bring you the best.

Speaking of the best, Jeff Johnson loves our church and loves you and loved doing camp with you and wants to be with us again - so we said, Absolutely! So Jeff is back and not only him, but our boy Drew Worsham is going to be OUR SPEAKER. You have witnessed him blow your mind with his illusions, now witness the Lord use him to preach His Word. 

As always you will get the infamous DNow t-shirt, all meals along with tons of fun, memories, and selfies to last a lifetime. Simply put a "Grat Tim!"



Kick off with John Crist and meet host family 6:30-9:00pm


Cook-out, D-Race, and a little Drew Worsham


Eat, Sleep, and Breathe DNow


Morning Worship - Everyone Wears DNow shirt 8:30am


Bible + Pen

Toiletries - toothbrush/toothpaste, soap. shampoo, towel, comb, etc.

Casual Clothes

Sleeping Bag & Pillow

2-Liter of soda & your favorite snack

5 Friends


iPods, video games, fireworks, weapons of mass destruction, drugs,
alcohol, short-shorts, spaghetti straps, your twerkish dance moves...