With an FBCB account you can see all the various ways you are involved at First Baptist Church Bentonville. First, you can view the different groups you are involved in, whether that be a Sunday school class or a bible study or even a group that rides bikes together. 

Having a FBCB account will enable you to register for events online. When the church is promoting a bible study, youth, children's, or any other event and there is a registration required, you can register and pay for the event online through your FBCB account.

There are many other things you can do with an FBCB account such as keeping your information up to date, searching for other groups to be involved in, and connecting with other FBC members. All of this and more is available through an FBCB account, so what are you waiting for, click the "Create My FBCB" button below to sign up today!