4W Fall Women's Bible Studies

First Session Studies

Beginning Tuesday September 7th at 9:00am in the Chapel: Elijah by Priscilla Shirer.  Join us on this journey through the life and times of the prophet Elijah to discover how the fire on Mount Carmel was forged in the valley of famine and how the emboldened, fiery faith you desire is being fashioned by God in your life right now.


Beginning Sunday September 12th at 4:00pm Via Zoom:  Israel's Mission Becoming a Kingdom of Priests in a Prodigal World by Ray Vander Laan.  Discover how the early Christian church, on fire with the message of Jesus, literally changed the world! Take a round trip to ancient times, places, and customs and back again.  This lively, interactive journey is more than fascinating - it's faith inspiring and life changing! 


Beginning Monday September 13th at 6:00pm in the Chapel: Hosea Unchanging Love Changes Everything by Jennifer Rothschild. Through this study you will be amazed by the love of Hosea for his wayward spouse and more amazed by the unfailing love of God for His wayward people and for all people.