Small Groups


Be encouraged and strengthened in your walk with Jesus.

Every Sunday Morning at First Bentonville you will be able to connect with a group of people just like yourself to enjoy a time of Bible study, prayer and fellowship. In a church our size, Sunday Small Groups are the best place to make new friends and gain a network of support that will be there for you 365 days a year. We have Sunday Small Groups for all ages and demographics that are designed to meet you right where you are.  Adult Small Group listings are a cross-section of the ages & life stages of the majority of the group members.  Feel free to visit several small groups to find a fit for you.

Adult Small Groups

Adult Small Groups 9:00am Sunday 

  • Couples age 20-35     Lower Level 113
  • Couples age 35-45     Lover Level 105
  • Couples age 40-50     Lower Level 112
  • Couples age 45-55     Lower Level 110
  • Couples age 50-60     Lower Level 111
  • Couples age 55-65     Parlor in Administration building
  • Couples age 65+          Small Dining Room off the Gym
  • Couples age 70+          Room 306 off the Gym
  • Ladies age 65+              Room 308 off the Gym


Adult Small Groups 11:15am Sunday         

  • Adults all ages               Choir Suite
  • Couples age 30-40     Lower Level 105 
  • Couples age 40-50     Lower Level 116
  • Couples age 50-60     Lower Level 113
  • Couples age 55-65     Parlor in Administration Building
  • Couples age 65+          Room 308 off of Gym
  • Ladies 30+                       Lower Level 110

First Kids Small Groups

Ages 0-K Small Groups

All Babies and Preschool children sign in at the check-in desk located just inside the First Kids entrance on the West side of the building.

Baby and Preschool small groups are all located on the main floor.

First Kids meet at 9:00am and 11:15 am for Small Groups.

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First Grade -Sixth Grade Small Groups

1st-6th grade check in is located just inside the First Kids Entrance on the West Side of the building.

All First Kids Small Groups and activities are located on the second floor.

Small Groups meet at 9:00am and 11:15am.

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Special Needs children meet during the 11:15am Small Group time.

Preregister Special Needs children by contacting Us.

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Student & College Small Groups

Students 7-12th Grade 9:00am and 11:15am Sunday

All youth small groups meet across "A" Street at the Studio 412 building

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Overflow Young Adults 18-29

Meets in the Chapel 7:00-9:00pm Tuesday Nights

Instagram  @fbc.overflow

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For help locating any of these Small Groups, please visit our Welcome Center located in the front lobby of the Worship Center.