Student Pastor: Keenan Hord | Girl's Ministry Associate: Katie Jo Henley| Administrative Assistant: Amy Dyson

What's Happening at Studio 412:

On Sunday, July 24th we talked about the why, when & where of the upcoming changes.

1.    6th grade will be moving up to the student ministry.

2.    6th-12th grades will meet on Sundays and Wednesdays at the main church building in newly renovated spaces.

Here’s a general recap of the why behind these moves:

- We’re growing so we need more space for children & students. On average, 31 people move into NWA a day so we’re going to continue to grow & we want to reach our neighbors with the good news of Jesus Christ!

-Moving 6th grade up- we are expecting to see a higher rate of engagement from this age group.

-Having 6th-8th grade together- allows us to target the different age groups more efficiently, more appropriately, and more personably.  

-Safety and security- students are no longer walking back and forth across a busy street (that will only continue to get busier in the future) with little or no supervision. 

We’ve spent a lot of time in prayer & discussion among our staff, but we’ve also looked and talked to many churches who structure their children’s and student ministries in this way.































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